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Pest control

I have not had many problems with Huperzia except this white scale. This pest takes it home under the tips of the Huperzia and eventually will kill the plant. White scale does not grow as fast of brown scale but it is not as easy to kill. I use Eight (permethrin) by soaking the ferns in bucket solution every 8 days for 2-3 treatments. If you are able to look threw a lens you can tell if the problem is taken care of or not. The white spots do not go away that is the housing for the scale insect. But in a month you will see new growth. Not dealing with this pest will lead to wide spread infestation.
Huperzia is a huge fern allie family that are found threw out the old world and new world. There are so many species and I have had a hard time getting species names so If you read Spp that is just a species that I do not know what the name is. If you see one that you may know what the name is contact me I'd like to know.

Growing huperzia is not difficult and I have them in windows in my house and in business. Most like bright light and to dry out a little before watering. Most can take temperatures down in the 50's at short periods of time. Contact me if you are interested in starting your Huperzia collection.
Recently Ashley R. Field and Peter D. Bostock reclassified the family Huperzia to Phlegmariurus.

Here is a link to an articleHere is a link to there published article..

Huperzia species (Kang-Klay East,South Chang Island)

Huperzia species Kang-Klay is found on a island called Chang Island in Thailand.

The image below shoews the two forms Right=South Left=East.

Huperzia squarrosa (Bali)

Huperzia species (Sumatra)

Huperzia cuernavacenis

Huperzia cuernavacenis was collected in Veracruz Mexico

Huperzia caranata (Sing-Klay Malaysia)

Huperzia forgesii

Huperzia forgesii is native to Taiwan. This reminds me of a miniature H. squarrosa.

Huperzia cunninghamioides

Huperzia cunninghamioides is native to Taiwan.

Huperzia carinata (Taiwan)

This Huperzia carinata is found in Taiwan the Tassels of this species are square in shape like H. tetrasticha.

Huperzia sieboldii

Huperzia sieboldii is native to Taiwan, Japan, Korea (Cheju Isl.), China
The tips of this species are super small tight like bradded string.

Huperzia fordii

Huperzia fordii is native to India (Eastern Himalayas), China, Taiwan, Japan, Ryukyu Isl.

Huperzia cryptomerianum

Huperzia cryptomerianum is a rare species that is native to China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Yakushima Isl. This is a small species.

Below are a group of Photos showing native species in Taiwan. These plants are rare in cultivation and in the wild. Thanks to Huang Shih Chieh for the use of the photos.

To see more of his work vist he blog, use the link below to be directed to his sight..

Huperzia cryptomerianum

Huperzia sieboldii

Huperzia forgesii

Huperzia cunninghamioides

Huperzia fordii

Huperzia salvinioides

Huperzia carinata

Huperzia phlegmaria

Huperzia squarrosa

Huperzia Species

Huperzia Sp
Shaba Kinabalu Park

Huperzia Sp. Malaysia native

Below you will find a list of species I have in my collection. Some just are species (Sp) There are a few Sp that are so new that further study is needed to find out if these are undescribed species. We are finding new species every week so keep checking as I post more photos of my collection.

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huperzia taxifolia 6000 Foot elevation Caracas Venezuela

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