Huperzia dalhousiana

Huperzia dalhousiana is found in NE-Queensland, peninsular Malaysia (Penang Isl., Pahan, Melaka), Borneo, New Guinea.

In these photos I show these 2 different species of Huperzia that are found in Malaysia. The one on the left is H. dalhousiana and the one on the right is H. goebelii. These species are varry differnet then eachoter. H. dalhousiana is rare in cultivation

There are two form of H. dalhousiana in the cultivation from Malaysia.

These is an extremely rare glimpse of one of the rarest species in Australia. Rummers of this species extinction go around. Deforestation has destroyed this species way or life. I was sent these images showing some of the last wild populations of this rare species. Let us hope that they allow this in cultivation that is may become propagated.

Think it is interesting that it is growing inside of a Platycerium.